The path to ultimate health begins with an inward journey

Atri Wilson

There is fierce competition between the medical and the health industries and a fair amount of ‘mud-slinging’ goes on from both parties. This kind of attitude does little for the ‘confused consumer’, who in recent years has been subjected to aggressive advertising from both camps. Unfortunately, ‘advertising’ is often mis-read as genuine ‘information’ and there are millions of people worldwide ‘self-treating’ their often mis-diagnosed complaints from supermarket shelves.

The medical/health market is also guilty of ‘fashion trends.’ Wonder-somethings-guaranteed-to-cure-all, are always hitting the shelves and bathroom cabinets are rapidly filled with the latest. The public are gullible and it is understandable because we all want to live well all want a long and vital life. But in order to do so we need to understand, medication be it medically or naturally designed, can only help us achieve our goals if we have been correctly diagnosed in the first place.

Think about it for a moment, the market is flooded with products to make us healthy, thinner and younger. Yet, obesity has reached epidemic proportions (even in young children), we are more stressed out than ever before, which has devastating effects on our bodies and completely depletes our youthful vitality. There is a message here...
In a nutshell, there are no short cuts to a vital life, it requires a lifestyle... but that lifestyle cannot be created effectively unless individual ‘dis-orders’ are analysed and corrected.

So where does one go to get an unbiased diagnosis regarding lifestyle changes and supplements to correct any problems?

Atri Wilson is unique in that she has a foot in both the Medical and the Health camps initially as a Pharmacist and then going on to investigate the complementary health market. Her thirst for knowledge is insatiable and she is constantly researching and qualifying (an important factor).

Iridologist (Felke Institute Germany), qualified in Sclerology (institute of Sclerology, Austin, Texas) and Qualified Teacher in Sclerology from Grand Medicine, Las Vegas.
(Master Sclerologist). Diploma in Nutrition. (Thames University, UK) Diploma in Homeopathy from British Inst. of Homeopathy. Functional Medicine Practitioner.

That is why she offers a full spectrum of diagnostic modalities including: Iridology/Sclerology − Homeopathy − E.I.S Diagnosis. In addition, Atri specialises in formulating individualised programs for Weight Loss, Stress and Cancer Support.

“ Too many people take supplements, without realising that health products are medication. The best thing anyone can do is book a consultation with a professional. The whole picture needs to be looked at, what medication they are taking, what their lifestyle is, are they subjected to stress? The list goes on and on. Most of the time I find people are taking too much. The body will simply flush what it doesn’t need. I find too, that many people take a product because it helped their friend! Simply crazy, because the conditions can be so different between individuals, there is so much to take into consideration. You cannot treat the problem without a correct and in-depth analysis of the why, and then you can go on to the how.”

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